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Our beach barefoot shoes offer comfort and versatility for relaxed exploration. Lightweight and flexible, they protect the foot and allow carefree comfort during water activities or walks on the beach. Ideal for travelers who value comfort and style.

Our models:

The advantages of our beach barefoot shoes

  • Wide toe box

    The generous toe boxes provide enough space for the toes to spread naturally and improve balance. This reduces the risk of toe deformities or injuries.

  • Thin sole

    The thin sole improves proprioception and reduces the risk of falls or injuries. It offers a safe feeling when exploring different surfaces.

  • Zero sales

    The flat heel promotes a natural foot position and strengthens the muscles. This helps to avoid incorrect strain and back pain, so you can enjoy your vacation without any discomfort.

  • Flexible

    Our shoes allow natural foot movement, which is particularly ideal for activities such as water sports or walks on the beach. They also help prevent or relieve foot problems such as hallux valgus or plantar fasciitis.

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