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Our barefoot shoes for the city offer comfort, functionality and style in one. Thanks to their flexible sole, they adapt to urban movements and promote a healthy foot position. They're a modern alternative to traditional shoes and perfect for urban adventurers who value health and style.

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The advantages of our city - barefoot shoes

  • Wide toe box

    The generous toe boxes support the natural alignment of the toes, which is important for long walks in the city. They reduce the risk of toe injuries, blisters and pressure points and promote better balance in urban environments.

  • Thin sole

    A thin sole improves proprioception on busy city streets. It increases body awareness, reduces the risk of falls and provides better control when walking in urban environments.

  • Zero sales

    A flat heel promotes healthy foot posture, particularly relevant for busy city dwellers. Our shoes strengthen the foot muscles and reduce the risk of back pain, typical of urban walking on hard surfaces.

  • Flexible

    Barefoot shoes promote natural foot movement, ideal for hectic city life. The flexibility not only helps prevent foot problems but also improves stability on uneven city roads.

Discover urban comfort! Immerse yourself in the world of barefoot shoes and experience the city with every fiber of your being. Ready to take the step towards natural movement? Get your perfect companions for the city today!

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