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Our barefoot shoes for forest and mountain adventures offer natural freedom of movement without pressure points or blisters, and sufficient protection on demanding terrain. With their non-slip soles, they promote safe walking and strengthen the foot muscles. The ideal choice for nature enthusiasts who value comfort and safety.

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The advantages of our forest and mountain barefoot shoes

  • Wide toe box

    Thanks to the generous toe boxes, our shoes offer improved stability on any terrain. Your toes can align more naturally, reducing the risk of toe injuries and allowing for better balance.

  • Thin sole

    The thin sole allows for direct sensor feedback that improves your proprioception. With increased body awareness, you increase your safety and coordination on every path, be it in the forest or in the mountains.

  • Zero sales

    Thanks to the flat heel, our shoes promote healthy foot posture and minimize the strain on your foot and leg muscles. You benefit from a strong and stable posture, especially on steep mountain paths.

  • Flexible

    The flexibility allows unrestricted freedom of movement on uneven paths in the forest or on the mountain. Your foot muscles are strengthened while foot problems such as hallux valgus or plantar fasciitis are prevented or alleviated.

Discover the freedom of the forest and the power of the mountains - get your barefoot shoes now and experience nature more intensively than ever before! Buy now and start your next adventure!

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